Blogging and Copyright

Usually known as Content Marketing, is part of the Search Engine Optimization of your website, which is part of the exact way the information your current clients and future clients receive in a way that appears interesting. It means that relevant content must be created and distributed to the reader, in this case your current clientele or future clients.

Content Marketing consists of the following publications:

  • Social Media (posts, tweets, any social media update)
  • Online (newsletters, ebooks and articles among others)
  • Paper (magazines, newspapers, catalogs, etc)
  • Multimedia (videos, podcasts, audios, animations, etc)

iMarketing21 has at your disposal a great amount of human talent expert generating relevant content for your company. You should remember that your website can be penalized by search engines if its content is mostly copied from other sources. With iMarketing21 you will have unique content guaranteed for your website or communication project.

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